Sunday 10AM & 7PM
Wednesday 7PM

You can watch our live meetings through our broadcast below. When meeting has started you will see "On Air". At this point you can press the play button. If you are having difficulties with this method, or would like to try an a different method please email us here. Please use the box below the video to communicate anything during meeting.

We do not hold programmed services. We wait silently upon the Lord until He moves one of us to speak. You may often hear long periods of silence. If you are concerned that you may be having audio difficulties type your concerns in the box below the video.

Chatbox Instructions
To type a message, click "Log in" at the bottom of the chatbox. Another box will appear. Click "Guest."
Another box will appear with your Guest number. Now choose a Guest Avatar. Then click "Log in".
After you type in your message at the bottom of the chatbox, click the white arrow to send it.