"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;
and they loved not their lives unto the death." - Revelation 12:11

James G. Wolfe, 1931-2016

English-My Journey | Español-Mi Viaje | Español-Mi Testimonio | Français-Mon Voyage |
Deutsch-Meine Reise

"Over the last three and a half decades the Christian moral foundations of America have been replaced to large extent by a pagan and heathen attitude toward sin. Even most ministers are so far from God...(more)"

English-My Testimony

"Today I have been thinking about my conversion to Jesus Christ. I am always overwhelmed that God would come to such as I. I was raised a Roman Catholic, but in process of time I wandered away from it because it was never real to me. As I grew up, because I was weak, I fell into very gross sins. When I was 16 years old...(more)"

James McCusker, 1945-2020

English-Jim's Story | Français-L'Histoire de James

"I was born on January 12, 1945, the fourth child of seven in an Irish Catholic family in Boston, Massachusetts. My Catholic upbringing made me very guilty about sin but I never found anyone who could tell me how to be delivered from my sins. The faithful witness of God in my heart...(more)

Paula McCusker, Member

English-Paula's Story | Français-L'Histoire de Paula

"On December 9, 1972, I met God. From that moment my life was never the same again. Eight days later, on December l7th I yielded my body, soul, and spirit to Him to be His forever. As a consequence of this...(more)"

Linda Clement, Member

English-How God Dealt With Us

I grew up on a small farm in East Madison, Maine. My parents did not have any particular religion, but across the road from the farm there was an old church building where people of different denominations would come and hold various Sunday School classes and also Vacation Bible School. It was there that I learned about God and Jesus Christ and how He died on the cross to save men...(more)"

Kerry Whittemore, 1941 - 2012

English-Back with the Lord

"I was born August 4, 1941. My earliest recollection of hearing anything about God was when I was around eleven years old. My grandfather would take me and my sister, Linda, to the Baptist Church in Skowhegan. I didn't know anybody there so it was a little scary to me...(more)"

Lina Whittemore, 1918-2004

English-My Salvation Story

"I was born on February 12, 1918 in a large country home in Cornville, Maine. It was close to midnight and an old doctor from Athens, Maine, came with his horse and sleigh for the delivery. I was the third in a family of nine...(more)"